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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many frequently asked questions when it comes to children and swimming, hopefully, you will find the following information helpful. 

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Location, where do you teach?

Swim 2 u teaches in private home pools, in and around Melbourne.

How quickly will my child learn to swim?

Learning is a continuous personal process, all lessons will be structured around each individual child’s needs, pace and learning style. Children learn and progress faster with one on one teaching.

What happens if my child is sick on the day of their lesson?

The cancelled lesson will be forfeited.

We can try and extend future lessons, however, this is subject to availability and no guarantee is given.

Swim teacher sick?

In the event of your swim teacher being unavailable due to illness, a suitable catch-up lesson will be offered or, future lessons extended to make up the time.

Am I able to go shopping whilst you teach my child?

Parents/carers must stay on the premises before, during and after lessons.

ALL siblings must be supervised at ALL times.

Siblings are NOT ALLOWED in the swimming pool whilst lessons are in progress.

Alcohol must NOT be consumed by parents/guardians whilst Swim 2 u is teaching on the premises.

Arranging larger classes?

Providing your pool is large enough. I am happy to arrange larger classes, please contact us for prices.


Do you teach private lessons at public swimming pools?

NO, most public pools have policies that DO NOT allow outside teachers to come and teach within their vicinity.

Do you award swimming certificates?

Yes, we do, recognising a child’s efforts is crucial. All lessons are structured around Royal Life Saving’s Swim and Survive programme, certificates will be issued when each stage and level has been completed.

When should my child start swimming lessons?

Austswim recommends infants to be introduced to the aquatic environment from 6 months of age. Infants less than a year old accept water more readily than older children.

Should we stop swimming during winter?

Certainly not!

  • Children regress quickly, if you have access to an indoor pool then keep going with lessons.
  • Always dress children in layers before and after lessons. This will help their body temperature adjust between the heated pool and the air temperature.
  • You can’t catch a cold from swimming or being outside. You get sick (ie a cold/flu) from catching a virus or bacteria, not from being cold.
Raining or bad weather?

For outdoor pools, the weather will be monitored. If the weather is cold and wet, we will reschedule a time that suits or extend future lessons to make up the time.

If my child breaks a bone and is unable to swim, what happens?

Of course under certain circumstances or where a medical note can be provided, Swim 2 u will refund fees.

Are children assessed?

Your child’s progress is constantly being monitored and as soon as they are ready for the next level, a certificate will be issued and they will move up to the next level.

Do you accept NDIS funding as payment for lessons?

Yes. If you have a self-managed plan we are able to supply invoices for your reimbursement. We can not accept payments via NDIS  managed plans.

Swim 2 u's COVIDSafe Plan

Swim 2 u ensures the following procedures are in place to help us all stay safe.

No swim equipment will be shared between swimmers (unless siblings).

Each item of swim equipment is only used once a day.

All children will have their own designated swim equipment to use each lesson.

All swim equipment is disinfected each evening.

All teachers have conducted The Australian Government Department of Health Infection Control Training – COVID 19.

All swim teachers are vaccinated

Swim 2 u utilises the COVIDSafe app and QR codes.

Teachers will use hand santiser before and after lessons.

Guidelines for face masks will be followed,  masks are not worn in the water.

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Monday : 7am – 7pm

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Saturday : 7am-930am

Sunday : Closed/No lessons

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