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This is a nice and easy way to get our little ones growing their own food.

Next time you have some yummy tomatoes, collect the seeds and put them on a piece of kitchen paper so they dry out.
Once dry, they are ready to be planted.
When planting the seeds, use potting mix, if you don’t have seedling pots you can use toilet rolls! Stand the toilet rolls upright in a plastic container and fill with potting mix (like in the photo).
Water the potting mix before planting.

Plant 3 seeds in each pot/toilet roll, spread them out, plant just under the surface, and cover with a sprinkle of potting mix, gently push the soil down so the seeds are nice and snug.
Cover with plastic wrap and keep in a warm place.

Check your seeds daily, ensure the soil stays moist, they will start to grow in 5- 10 days.
They will need to be transferred into larger pots as they start to become more established.
When large enough you can plant outside. Choose a sunny spot, dig them in deep, and keep them well watered.

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