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This is an easy activity.

You can use any plastic bottle, just make sure your bottle is clean and the neck is large enough to fit all coins, so they don’t get stuck inside!

You will need:
• Plastic bottle
• Googly eyes
• 4 beads or marbles
• Glue
• Scissors
• Paint, paper/cardboard, ribbon, glitter, buttons, anything to decorate the piggy.
• Pipe cleaner

  1. Remove all labels and cut a rectangle hole in one side of the bottle.
  2. You can paint your bottle or decorate it with coloured paper, ribbon, buttons, glitter, anything!
  3. You will need to make some piggy ears from paper or cardboard and some piggy feet, beads or marbles are good and can be glued on.
  4. Glue piggy ears onto the side where the hole is, then glue the feet on the opposite side.
  5. Googly eyes can be added and a piggy tail from a pipe cleaner.

Now watch the coins build up!

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