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We all love Toy Story especially Forky, here’s how to make Forky…

You will need:

• Plastic Fork/Spork
• Red & Light Blue Pipe Cleaners
• Wooden popsicle sticks
• White modelling clay
• Googly eyes (different sizes)
• Glue
• Pink or red texter for cheeks
• Scissors

1. Break apart a wooden popsicle stick. Using a small amount of white modelling clay, roll it into a ball and insert the two wooden popsicle sticks into it. Insert the spork into the top of the base You will have to play around with the shape of the base until you can place it on a flat surface and it stands straight.
2. For the face, use (2) googly eyes, a small piece of red pipe cleaner for the eyebrow, and the blue pipe cleaner for the mouth. Cut to size and use glue, to stick them in place.
3. Now add the arms, wrap a red pipe cleaner around the spork. Depending on how long your pipe cleaner is, you may want to cut it or wrap it more than once.

Use the tip of the pipe cleaner and make little hands. (Forky has three fingers on each hand).
You can use texter for the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth instead of the pipe cleaners.
Don’t forget the little rosy cheeks and a rainbow on his left foot.

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