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With the winter months approaching, let’s feed our garden birds and maybe attract some new visitors. You can make this easy bird treat and hang it on a tree or balcony, somewhere you can see it. You can keep a record of what birds you see, and even take photos.

You will need:
• String or ribbon
• Unflavoured gelatine powder
• Birdseed
• Baking Sheet
• Heart-shaped moulds or cookie cutters

  • For each cake, cut approx. 30cm. length of string or ribbon. Loop and tie the ends in a knot. Set aside.
  • Following the instructions mix 2 packets of gelatine. Stir well to dissolve gelatine completely.
  • Add about 1-1/2 cups birdseed to gelatine solution. Mix well. If the mixture is still watery, add more birdseed until it has a stiff but sticky consistency.
  • Fill each mould half-full of birdseed mixture.
  • Place the knotted end of the hanging loop on the top centre of the mixture.
  • Fill the mould with more birdseed mixture on top of the loop.
  • Firmly press the mixture with the back of the spoon to compact in place.
  • After a few hours, gently unmould each cake onto fresh baking paper.
  • Let dry, flipping periodically, for 72 hours or until completely hardened before hanging.

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