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Carrying on with the weather theme, you can make your own windmill, for that windy day. Below is a very simple way of making a windmill (pinwheel). There are many ways to make them, you can use straws, bamboo skewers, sticky tape, blue tac, glue guns, make them as pretty and fancy as you can!

You will need

  • Square paper 15cm or smaller in diameter (coloured paper or draw your own designs)
  • Pencil with an eraser at the top
  • Thumbtacks (adult help may be needed).
  •  Scissors (adult help may be needed).


  • Fold the paper on the diagonal from corner to corner.
  • Open the paper up then fold the second diagonal across the other two corners. When the paper is opened, the folds make an “X” on the paper.
  • Make one cut along each fold beginning at the corner and cutting halfway towards the centre.
  • Bring in every other corner, one at a time to the centre.
  • When all four corners meet at the center, take the thumbtack and push it through all four corners and through the center of the square.
  • Push the thumbtack through the eraser of the pencil.

Yay! You’re done, now watch it spin 🙂

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